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Düsseldorf's famous CARLSPLATZ is recommending us for EASTER. Thank you Tina

Carlsplatz in the heart of Düsseldorf has an unrivalled range of products. You will find freshness, quality and variety bundled together in one place at more than 60 stands. Vegetables, freshly caught fish as well as meat and poultry from (regional) experts, oven-fresh bread and baked goods, cheese or unusual delicacies, confectionery and coffee specialities, but also a magnificent selection of flowers and plants. Whether you are looking for healthy food for every day or something unusual for a special occasion, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Carlsplatz. 


After the success in 2023 in Munich, Waltrop and Berlin the tour continues for Easter 2024. 5 cities in 1 week to turn more lovely Manufactum customers into delightful Äggcøddler Lovers.

Äggcøddler is very proud and honoured to share so much love with Manufactum.

MUNICH Saturday 23. March 2024 

FREIBURG Monday 25. March 2024 

STUTTGART Tuesday 26. March 2024 

HAMBURG Thursday 28. March 2024 

BERLIN Saturday 30. March 2024 


So delighted and PROUD to be selling our new Äggcøddler Julia & Sussi exclusively at the super cool retailer Manufactum in Germany!

To kick off the sale in September we toured to the headquarters for their first time held ever kitchen festival! It was a real success we even ended up in the local news! Afterwards we visited the Manufactum Munich store for a day for serving some yummy eggs in the middle of merry Oktoberfest visitors.

On the 25. November we will continue the tour at the Berlin flagship store. Come by visit us!


Teaming up for the summer with La Grange in Lorgues / South of France!

What a summer blast it has been! Every Tuesday we have enjoyed the fabulous La Grange Café & Concept Store in Lorgues - it is famous for its provencal Tuesday market with local produce and artisanal gems from the area. And we thanks to the lovely owners of the café Veruschka & Hamish are now part of the the flair that makes this region so very special. We have loved this summer meeting the most extraordinary locals and tourists from near and afar. We cannot wait for season 2024.


Easter fun in the South of France!

We enjoyed demonstrating our latest Äggcøddler collections to the lovely people in the village of Taradeau, located in the south of France, north of Saint Tropez, just between Marseille and Nice. We sold out completely. We must start hitting the markets again : )



The newest collaboration between Äggcøddler and MANUFAKTURA CHODZIESKA is rolling out as we write : )

The brand is now teamed up with MANUFAKTURA CHODZIESKA from Poland‭ - ‬to support its family manufacture since 1991‭ ‬and to maintain its wonderful European know-how‭. ‬A guaranteed 100%‭ ‬Made in the EU product is in the continuity of our policy of quality and sustainable development‭. ‬But foremost being more respectful and more mindful of our planet‭.‬

Manufaktura Chodzieska creates essential stoneware products for common use in everyday life‭. ‬Their products are filled with soul‭, ‬nourished with care and affection as if they were the offspring of their own‭. ‬

MANUFAKTURA CHODZIESKA was from the‭ ‬beginning inspired by‭ ‬Äggcøddler's story and products‭. ‬With their desire to develop‭ - ‬together they designed a brand new‭ ‬Äggcøddler‭, ‬which is‭  ‬characterized by its simplicity‭, ‬minimalism and uniqueness‭. ‬It is at the same time a jump into the future with‭ ‬its sleek design‭, ‬but also reconnects to its roots of the traditional egg coddler by re-introducing the open‭ '‬ring‭' ‬lid‭, ‬that would also allow you to hang the coddler in the pot instead of placing it on the bottom‭. ‬The lid was developed by the manufacturer‭ ‬and doesn't require the rubber band anymore‭. ‬It has a turn-lock system in its place‭.‬

2022‭ ‬in September at Maison‭ & ‬Objet in Paris the brand new two‭ ‬Äggcøddlers are revealed for the first time‭.‬

Äggcøddler Julia‭ '‬Small‭' ‬and‭ ‬Äggcøddler Sussi‭ '‬Tall‭'. ‬The small version is meant for the one egg‭, ‬and the tall version for two‭. ‬Sussi and Julia are lifelong friends of Jois‭, ‬that share his passion for art and design‭. ‬


N E W  / ÄGG LOVE LÉA  / The‭ ‬first‭ ‬handmade‭ ‬artisanal‭ ‬collection‭:

The meeting between Jois James‭, ‬founder of‭ ‬Äggcøddler and Léa was pure chance‭. ‬While visiting a local pottery market in the Var in southern France‭, ‬he stumbled upon Léa's uniquely beautiful creations‭.‬

He was eager to rekindle his interest in pottery dating from high school‭, ‬so he started taking classes at Léa's studio‭. ‬They hit it off and Jois asked her if she'd be interested in a collaboration‭.‬

 Léa graduated from the CAP Tournage en céramique of the Lycée polyvalent Léonard de Vinci of Antibes in 2009‭. ‬All the pieces in her collection are created by hand on her pottery wheel‭. ‬Her creations use‭ ‬unusual shapes to reflect a delicate universe with a touch of fantasy‭.‬

For‭ ‬Ägg Love Léa‭, ‬Jois and Léa agreed on a new design‭. ‬The new coddlers aresimilar to the original ones‭, ‬somewhere between the regular and XXL size‭. ‬But none‭ ‬of them are exactly the same‭. ‬They all have a unique profile since they are 100%‭ ‬hand made‭. ‬After the first coddlers came off the wheel‭, ‬it was a wonderful surprise to realise that they all differ slightly in shape and size due to the fact that they are 100%‭ ‬made by hand‭.‬

Léa uses white stoneware clay that is fired once at around 800‭ ‬degrees‭. ‬When they come out of the kiln‭, ‬the coddlers are immersed‭ ‬in a glaze bath which gives them their finishes‭. ‬

Ägg Love Léa codders come in three tones‭, ‬pearl/white‭, ‬a grey/green and‭  ‬blue/green‭. ‬They all have a natural‭, ‬earthy feel‭. ‬The finishes are‭ ‬sometimes more shiny‭, ‬sometimes more matt‭. ‬It depends on the clay and the day‭. ‬

Ägg Love Léa is a wonderful expansion to the‭ ‬Äggcøddler family‭: ‬handmade quality for the refined gourmet wanting a one-of-a-kind culinary experience‭.‬


3rd place in Waww La Table contest!

WAWW la table in partnership with Maison&Objet searched for the three most elegant table setups‭ during the fair in September 2022. ‬

With creativity‭, ‬the use of light and shadow‭, ‬perfect balance and composition‭, ‬the small details made the difference‭ - ‬

Äggcøddler together with Georgette seduced the jury‭, ‬Stephane Bern‭, ‬India Mahdavi and Thierry Marx‭.‬


photo credits‭ / ‬styling‭ / ‬art direction Jois James‭


With the disastrous effects of climate change, we are trying step by step to be more eco-responsible - to respect nature and the environment as much as possible.
That's the reason we are from now on bringing all of our production to Europe. Starting with our favourite wooden serving trays!
Our ‘new’ serving trays are now locally produced in the south of Germany. Just around the corner from where we ship. Less transport, less impact for the environment and we support the local industry.
The family business is growing! Gustav (hint: the plate is named after him), the youngest family member, has joined Äggcøddler. Helping out a few hours once in a while with a past-time he loves: woodworking. He is in charge of embossing the logo + giving the trays their beautiful finish:

After sanding the trays with sandpaper - he measures the position for the logo with a ruler to get it just right, then carefully burns the logo into the wood.

Then they are dipped into a barrel with teak oil, giving them a lovely slightly darker finish than the natural oak wood colour.

And finally Gustav hangs them on hooks to dry, making sure not to stain them. The final dried trays all differ slightly with minor irregularities, which is part of their charm. Not to mention the lovely scent of teak.
We are so happy to have him onboard!

Get them here!


So exciting that the exclusive department store DIVERTIMENTI in London is now carrying the Äggcøddler. You have finally made it back home : ) Check it out here!

What a fun and exciting time we had at Ambiente 2020 trade fair in Frankfurt! Thank you to all new and existing customers and friends that came and visited us! See you again for sure in 2021!

LE BON MARCHÉ (the finest & most elegant & chicest store in Paris) are starting their official Äggcøddler Sale tomorrow Friday 29th Nov with celebrity chef CYRIL ROUQUET-PRÉVOST (and me) ! Get a taste here!

We made the NEWS - oh la la - Home Fashion Trends en France! On adore : )

Jumping for JOY! Meet Laia - our NEW agent for SPAIN as of now : )

Super happy with our stand at M&O! Amazing team with my French agents from i02 - that also represent Georgette (a nifty mix between a spoon and a fork)

Looking forward to Maison&Objet to meet new and old customers and friends as always!

 Making it big in ... FRANCE! Äggcøddler is now exclusively represented by wonderful Anne-Laure & Didier from i02! They take care of the entire french region! Pour tout le monde en France, ils peuvent passer des commandes directement avec eux! J'adore !

happy me after contract is sorted!

Lovely interview with our customer Raum Concept Store -> get the deeds here : )

Thank you to Fabulous and uber popular German Magazine BRIGITTE for the fabulous story / report / editorial design ; )


7th Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for the Foodie in the Review wire! Check it out here : )

Full success at MAISON&OBJET this sept 2018! We got interviewed by French TV. And we managed to hold our grounds... en français, oh la la ; )

Our lovely French retailer 750g made a wonderful promo video! CHECK IT OUT!

Hey USA! Luxury retailer NORDSTROM now carries Äggcøddler and we couldn't be happier!

Check out their Pop-in-shop store here!



We -HEART- our FANS!

Getting popular in France (our home country now) too! Check out the lovely review: ÄGGCØDDLER, UNE AUTRE FAÇON DE SE FAIRE CUIRE UN ŒUF by Sophie Komaroff from Offrir International! Merci beaucoup!


Thank you Maison&Objet for the fantastic fair and all the interesting and great people we met!

On adore Paris : )


Such great Xmas markets in Gothenburg with ALALONDON & RÖDA STEN KONSTHALL - we love(d) all our customers, the fun exchanges and laughs : )

Top British gift! That is us according to Reader's Digest ; )

Gannett’s YES! is including the Ägcøddler in their back-to-school shoppers guide : )


We are on TV with ERNST KIRCHSTEIGER! If my parents could see me now. See 'Ernst' now. My mother and I used to watch his house renovations rigorously. There are no words for how much I wished she and I could have this moment together: she inspiring me to launch this little kitchen tool in the first place. I'd give anything to sit next to her now, watching Sweden's Martha Stewart- ERNST KIRCHSTEIGER - on Swedish TV admiring my so very humble creation dedicated to her, my father and all involved in the process... 

Find his special recipe here!


Lovely interview with the Ambiente (Frankfurt Trade show) Blog!


Thank you Laviva Magazine for the cute review!


Danke an das BARBARA Team für den Ostern Wunschzettel / Thank you to the BARBARA Magazine to include us for their Easter wish list  : )

Have a self-indulgent chocolate Äggcøddler for Valentine's day ; )

Thank you ELLE Canada!


Very happy (and a little bit proud) to announce that Äggcøddler is now available at the Eurobonus shop with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)


Trade fair Formex 2017


We are No 1 out of (lucky) 13 : ) Thank you west michigan WOMAN MAGAZINE!


Great Xmas stocking stuffer recommended by the lovely Emily Richett on FOX17morningmix

Come visit us this weekend in London from 11am- 6pm on Saturday at the London Artisan -

Time for Xmas shopping!

Thank you for recommending us : )


One of US most favoured creative stocking stuffers! Thank you REAL SIMPLE Magazine

Thank you Allers for recommending Äggcøddler as a top Xmas gift for under 25$ 

Amazing week in London at the London Design fair!

Very excited to exhibit in London next week with nordic design collective!


Presenting Äggcøddler at Scandinavia's largest Design/Interior Trade Fair Formex 2016

Extremely proud to announce that Äggcøddler will be at home along with the greatest art of Sweden being sold in the gift shop at the National Museum

 Lovely review from FOODING IT Blog / July 2016

We are constantly trying to improve. To avoid the cøddlers being 'wobbly with the ribbon' in the future our new edition will have a cut out in the bottom for a more secure stand


BON APPÉTIT / February 2016

Family Living Magazine / February 2016

LAST (MINUTE) XMAS PRESSIES! Come visit us at Röda Sten Konsthall market Gothenburg 11. + 12. + 13. Dec and get your hands on the remaining Äggcøddlers before we are sold out!

Come visit us at À La London Design market Gothenburg 21. + 22. Nov / Borås 28. Nov and start your Xmas shopping early!

Swedish food magazine LCHF / October 2015

Come visit us October 16 & 17th at Borås Food Fare / Smaka på Åhaga
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