Collection: 100% Handmade en FRANCE

The first collection of handmade artisanal Äggcøddlers by Léa Tardito:


The new coddlers are similar to the original ones, somewhere between the regular and XXL size. But none of them are exactly the same. They all have a unique profile since they are 100% hand made. After the first coddlers came off the wheel, it was a wonderful surprise to realise that they all differ slightly in shape and size due to the fact that they are 100% made by hand.

Léa uses white stoneware clay that is fired once at around 800 degrees. When they come out of the kiln, the coddlers are immersed in a glaze bath which gives them their finishes.

After She removes then the enamel from the bottom of the coddlers to prevent them from sticking to the firing plate. They go back into the furnace for about 12 hours at 1250 degrees.

Ägg Love Léa coddlers come in three tones, pearl/white, a grey/green and  blue/green. They all have a natural, earthy feel. The finishes are sometimes more shiny, sometimes more matt. It depends on the clay and the day.

Ägg Love Léa is a wonderful expansion to the Äggcøddler family: handmade quality for the refined gourmet wanting a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.