Collection: Äggcøddler 2.0

Äggcøddler is now teamed up with MANUFAKTURA CHODZIESKA from Poland - to support its family manufacture since 1991 and to maintain its wonderful European know-how. A guaranteed 100% ‘’Made in the EU product’’ is in the continuity of our policy of quality and sustainable development. But foremost being more respectful and more mindful of our planet.

MANUFAKTURA CHODZIESKA was from the beginning inspired by Äggcøddler’s story and products. With their desire to develop - together they designed a brand new Äggcøddler, which is  characterized by its simplicity, minimalism and uniqueness. It is at the same time a jump into the future with its sleek design, but also reconnects to its roots of the traditional egg coddler by re-introducing the open ‘ring’ lid, that would also allow you to hang the coddler in the pot instead of placing it on the bottom. The lid was developed by the manufacturer and doesn’t require the rubber band anymore. It has a turn-lock system in its place.


- available in 2 sizes

- water absorption level 0%

- Fired at 1250C