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2 ÄGG-SET XXL "Karin Å & Hanna M"

2 ÄGG-SET XXL "Karin Å & Hanna M"

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Karin & Hanna are an unbeatable duo. They crack you up! Your eggs too ; )

These 2 Äggcøddlers can each hold up to 3 (!) eggs and give you even more satisfaction!


Karin Å (yellow/black) + Hanna M (pink/green)


Porcelain / silicon


Total Ø 70 mm, top Ø 50 mm, height 120 mm, volume 200 ml, weight 237 g


2 porcelain shiny cups and lids + white silicon rubber band (1 / each)

Design Jois Lundgren


Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe

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Answer your customers' common questions

How many eggs can I use with the XXL size?

You can use up to three eggs with the XXL size. Never fill up more than 3/4 - otherwise it might overflow in the pot.

Can I still use it if I loose the rubber band?

We will send you a new rubber band - for FREE in case of loss, dammage or misplacing ; )

What can I add to my Äggcoøddler?

Anything you want! All the tiny jars with small leftovers are great like olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes... Anything goes.