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* Äggcøddler Bellissimo *

* Äggcøddler Bellissimo *

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L'Äggcøddler bello d'Italia!

Founder Jois James has teamed up with one of Italy’s most creative ceramic artists, Daniel Cavey.

American-born Cavey works out of his studio near Parma in northern Italy. His creations involves irony, tension and even despair, eliciting emotions and provoking serious thought about problems that the artist feels humans, as the dominant species on earth, must take responsibility for and solve.

When a functional kitchen utensil is transformed into something more than what it was originally invented for and infused with aesthetic, emotional, and cultural value, can it be seen as art? Where is the tipping point?

James’ was inspired by a desire to question the boundaries of art and its relation to function. It’s commonly thought that one cannot "assign" a function to art. But in this case, boiling an egg with a piece of art upends that view.

Cavey’s creation for Äggcøddler revolutionises the original egg coddler. It features an oval base, elegantly lifted by three legs with a screw-on top and a small handle on the lid that adds both aesthetic and practical value. The green-blue glaze and the shiny bright yellow on the inside gives the coddler a playful twist, reminiscent of a cartoon spaceship about to take off.

Approx. 5 cm diameter at opening and 12 cm tall. Please note that as these are handmade pieces, finishes and sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece - a refreshing change from mass-produced pottery. Volume ca 175 ml / weight 330 g.


Each piece is made by hand on the potters wheel, lids as well, then they are trimmed to resemble the egg shape. The lids are trimmed on their egg so as to follow the contour of the form. Then the locking mechanism is constructed for each lid and the inner rim modified to accommodate the lock. Finally the feet and handles are attached.
The pieces are then dried and bisqued (first firing to 900 C) after which they are glazed and placed back in the kiln and fired to stoneware temperatures 1260 C. 
A white stoneware is used, which shows well the glaze color. Daniel Cavey formulates and makes all of his  glazes.


dishwasher / microwave / oven safe

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How many eggs can I use with the XXL size?

You can use up to three eggs with the XXL size. Never fill up more than 3/4 - otherwise it might overflow in the pot.

Can I still use it if I loose the rubber band?

We will send you a new rubber band - for FREE in case of loss, dammage or misplacing ; )

What can I add to my Äggcoøddler?

Anything you want! All the tiny jars with small leftovers are great like olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes... Anything goes.