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Fried Ägg Tray

Fried Ägg Tray

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Fried Ägg Äggcøddler serving tray!

Founder Jois James has dipped his toe into his love for ceramic art and come up with a fun new way to serve the delicious coddlers:

A clay tray in shape of a fried egg - 1 size fits all Äggcøddlers!

James works preferably with air-hardening modelling clay that doesn't require to be burnt in a kiln - these original clay trays are more robust han one would think. They are shaped in the form of a pan fried egg, sunny side up : )

All trays are uniquely different with their own characteristics in form, size, texture and color as they are all hand molded. After drying for about 24 - 48 h they are first spray painted yellow - the egg yolk. After drying the (egg) white is sprayed on protecting the yellow areas somewhat. James likes the accidental touch when the colors touch, mix and interact. The look he aims for has an accidental feel that depends on the wind, mood time of day of its creation...

You can check out more of his art work here:


modelling clay


varies as each is hand-made. Approximately length 230 mm x width 160 mm x height 5 mm, weight 180 g, holes Ø 50 mm


clay / spray colour 
Design Jois James


Do not put in dishwasher / do not hand wash / clean with moist cloth

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Answer your customers' common questions

How many eggs can I use with the XXL size?

You can use up to three eggs with the XXL size. Never fill up more than 3/4 - otherwise it might overflow in the pot.

Can I still use it if I loose the rubber band?

We will send you a new rubber band - for FREE in case of loss, dammage or misplacing ; )

What can I add to my Äggcoøddler?

Anything you want! All the tiny jars with small leftovers are great like olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes... Anything goes.